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According to research, more than two-thirds of individuals in the UK do not have a Will, even though a Will is one of the most significant documents you will ever create since it protects and distributes your possessions according to your intentions.

Many individuals assume they are either too young or unwilling to confront the terrible truth about their mortality, but the truth is that dying without a Will may make an already difficult period much more difficult for your family. Writing a Will with the assistance of a solicitor will writing service allows you to leave specific instructions for your loved ones.

Will writing lawyers say Will writing allows you to construct a financial structure for your children to assure their care until they are mature enough to do it for themselves? Even more, with the help of will-writing solicitors, you can mention names and guidance on who will care for them.

When you create a Will with our Will Solicitors in London, we ask you what assets you have, who you want to transfer them to (your “beneficiaries”), and how you want them dispersed. You will also name your ‘executors,’ who will carry out your desires after your death. Once completed, it will be signed to become legally binding, and we can even offer to preserve it for you.

Making a Will is one of the most essential decisions a person can make. A Will guarantees that your assets are handled and dispersed by your wishes. If you pass away and you do not have a Will in place – you risk your assets being distributed according to the law, and that may result in your assets being given to the Crown.

The goal of a Will guarantees you, your desires are carried out in the case of your death, and your inheritance is divided appropriately.

Everyone must have a Will regardless of the size of your estate or assets as you must decide what happens and not a statute. Click here if you would like to learn more about dying without a Will.

Our Will Writing Solicitors understand this is a sensitive subject, and once completed, it is a document that you will only need to update as your life changes.

When you make a Will, you will be deciding:

  • Who will deal with your estate after your death (administration)
  • If you have children who will take care of them
  • What should happen at your funeral and what arrangement you would like to be made
  • The distribution of your assets and any conditions that you wish to apply

By making a Will you will be able to direct and control these events which is why a Will is essential.

Crown law Solicitors have an expert team of experienced Will Writing Solicitors ready to assist you and guide you on the requirements and drafting of your Will. Our Will Writing Lawyer will assist you, where necessary, in making some of the more difficult decisions and ensure our drafting is clear on your requirements and expectations.

You will have a dedicated handler of your matter who will take full instructions and work to establish your exact needs, and you can be assured that we will be sensitive to your requirements and ensure your needs are met at all times.

Our advice is tailored to you, we will understand your requirements and prepare a Will that is reflective of your wishes and protects them.

Not every Will is simple and the more assets you have and the more detailed your requirements, the more complex our advice will need to be and the more work will be required to ensure your will is drafted correctly to protect You, Your Family, and your assets.

We work to a range of fixed fees and where those are not possible we will provide you with a very clear and transparent fee quotation which will ensure you are fully aware of the fees you need to pay, to who and when.

We can also store your Will for you as part of our service so you can ensure it is safe at all times.

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We work to a range of fixed fees and where those are not possible we will provide you with a very clear and transparent fee quotation which will ensure you are fully aware of the fees you need to pay, to who and when.

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