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Commercial Landlord and Tenant

The rental industry is enjoying a tremendous era of expansion, meaning that a significant number of individuals are now tenants in leased housing.

Unfortunately, conflicts may emerge as a result of issues with rental payments or a lack of knowledge of the duties renters have concerning the property.

Choosing the best course of action in a given scenario is critical, especially given the legal protections granted to renters.  

In London, we have a professional team of landlord solicitors that can handle any form of legal dispute. Our commercial landlord and tenant solicitors in London have years of combined industry expertise, providing us with the skills and information required to deliver some of the top landlord and tenant legal services in London, UK. 

When you hire Crown Law Solicitors LLP, we can assist to alleviate some of the emotional stress by dealing with troublesome renters on your behalf.

We are enthusiastic about what we do, which is why we offer specialized services to help with evictions, disputes, debt collection, and a variety of other concerns. Our team provides practical, commercially oriented assistance to commercial landlord and tenant solicitors services on lease agreements (including pre-lets), leases, lease re-gearing, lease renewals, assignments, approved guarantee agreements, licenses, rent deposits, and surrenders.

Landlord and Tenants Legal Services

Crown Law Solicitors’ commercial property team offers legal advice and services to landlords and tenants of both residential and commercial properties.

There is a range of legal services that are required by landlords and tenants and the experienced commercial property lawyers at Crown Law Solicitors cover the full range of services including:

  • Lease Renewals
  • Lease assignments
  • Sublets
  • Change of Use
  • Underletting
  • License for alteration
  • Disputes between Landlords and Tenants

Commercial Tenants Solicitors

You’ve looked at a lot of homes, weighed all of their advantages and disadvantages, and finally narrowed it down to one. You finish the procedures and move in to make it your home, only to learn that the property has a problem. In such cases, it may be difficult to address difficulties, and disagreements may occur if you are unable to persuade the landlord to fulfill their legal obligations.

Crown Law Solicitors LLP, a team of highly experienced commercial tenants solicitors in London that can guarantee you have complete legal protection and can help you with the following:

  • Enforcing Your Legal Rights Regarding Notice (e.g. the proper notice and minimum notice time that your landlord is required to offer you to obtain lawful possession)
  • Defending your legal rights in the case of Possession. ( e.g. the correct procedure the landlord must undertake before possession can be granted to the landlord)
  • Advice and representation for home deterioration, including emergency injunctions for urgent repairs and disrepair compensation applications.
  • Advice and counsel in connection to Tenants Deposit Disputes
  • Advice and counsel for long-term leaseholders on Service Charges, Management Disputes, Lease Extensions, and Enfranchisement

Commercial Landlord Solicitors

The good news is that most renters pay their rent on time and take care of the property. However, one lousy tenant who refuses or is unable to pay their rent engages in anti-social behavior or violates other terms of the tenancy might leave you severely out of cash. That is when you will need professional advice as well as quick action to remedy the issue. At Crown Law Solicitors LLP, our commercial landlord solicitors can help you with the following for set costs or affordable hourly rates:

  • Tenants evacuated quickly.
  • We serve notices, possession procedures, Court representation
  • Costs are being pursued and enforced against renters.
  • Tenants Deposit Scheme advice and support
  • Enforcing lease provisions and tenant covenants
  • Advice and support in meeting Statutory Regulations
  • Creating Lease Agreements

Commercial Landlord and Tenant Solicitors Legal Services

We collaborate with various teams across the business to offer you specialized, collaborative counsel. We recommend that you talk with a member of the team for particular advice depending on your commercial needs.

Our Fees & Making Contact

Where possible we will work to fixed fees, but where that is not possible, often due to complexities surrounding the property itself, we will provide a detailed quotation. So, you are fully aware of the charges you will be required to pay and any other relevant fees. It is important to us that you understand all legal fees and that they are fully transparent.

To obtain a quotation or to speak to one of our experienced Commercial Property Selling & Purchase Solicitors call us on 0208 175 6733 or email us or complete an online inquiry.