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New Build Conveyancing

Buying a new home is both different and more complicated than buying an existing home. Often, the new home developer and the buyer would agree to exchange contracts in a short period. We, new build property solicitors are here to make your transaction as easy and stress-free as possible since we have extensive expertise in purchasing and selling new homes in London. 

We are continually advised by several developers to serve as preferred new build conveyancing solicitors for new construction purchasers. Because we understand the pre-exchange concerns and reference the due diligence that must be performed in advance.

Our new build conveyancing solicitors services deal with clients of all sizes, so whether you’re a first-time buyer taking your first steps onto the property ladder or a professional developer with a growing portfolio, we’d want to work with you. We are also experienced with short timeframes for new construction purchases, so we can ensure that you swap before the deadline.

The new build property solicitors team knows the vital points for this service, ensures that they meet the developer’s often-tight contract exchange dates.

The legal process for purchasing an ‘off plan’ or new build property is more complicated than other types of conveyancing transactions. So that you will require a new build conveyancing solicitor who specializes in New Build Conveyancing to ensure you are advised on your rights and your best interests are protected at all times.

At Crown Law Solicitors, we have the expertise and knowledge to ensure the legal work is completed and you are protected at all times through the transaction to its completion and beyond.

With new build properties that are leasehold, the lease will be new and the terms of the lease must be thoroughly checked and understood with the terms of the lease being appropriate and correct.

Even with freehold properties the terms and conditions need to be understood and clear to prevent future issues particularly with those on housing development, there may be ground rent to pay.

When buying off-plan there are additional risks associated with such transactions, as the property is not yet built and clients need to be aware of the risks of the property not being completed and in more serious cases property fraud.

At Crown Law Solicitors, we will work to protect your best interests and also to ensure the legal work is completed properly and effectively at all times.

Our specialist team of new build Property Solicitors will provide you with a high-quality service keeping you up to date on the progress of your matter at all times.

We take pleasure in not just developing connections with our customers, but also in developing long-term relationships with all parties involved in any transaction, as we feel this is critical to a seamless transaction.


Frequently Asked Questions for New Build Conveyancing

A newly built property has never been occupied. It is often acquired directly from the Developer or House Builder and might be an “off-plan” plot where construction has not yet begun, a plot in the midst of being developed, or a finished plot. We are here to assist you with your purchase regardless of the conditions.

It differs, but the majority of consumers refinance to save money by locking in a lower interest rate.

You do not need to wait until your current contract expires. If you have your heart set on a specific mortgage arrangement, plan ahead of time so you can transfer as soon as your current agreement expires.

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