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Commercial Lease and License Extensions

Our experienced team of commercial lease extensions solicitors has the appropriate experience for both landlords and tenants when seeking to:

  • Acquire a lease for commercial property from a landlord
  • Provide a lease for a commercial property to a tenant
  • Acquire a license to use a commercial property from a landlord
  • Provide a license to use a commercial property to a tenant
  • Extend a lease or license

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Acquisition of a lease

If you want to purchase a lease on a commercial property, then contact our expert commercial license extensions solicitors to advise you on all the lease terms and ensure you completely grasp each of the provisions.

Our commercial lease extensions solicitors will work with you to get the lease on the best possible terms while also ensuring that you understand fully your responsibilities. So that you properly comply with the lease terms and do not expose you or your business to issues.

You must comply with the lease terms from the date of occupation through to the surrender date, and we will work with you to protect your business so you can enjoy the property you are leasing.

Provision of a lease or Licence

If you want to lease or license a commercial property, you need to hire an experienced commercial property solicitor to make sure the lease matches your needs and protects both you as a landlord and the property.

Whether you are issuing a lease for the first time or re-letting a property with an existing lease our commercial property lawyers will ensure the lease is correctly and appropriately drafted, meets all of your own and legislative requirements.

We will handle all queries made by the tenant’s attorneys and negotiate any required revisions to the lease’s final conditions on your behalf.

Extending a lease or license

When attempting to reach an agreement on the conditions of an extension of a lease or license, it is vital to analyze the current lease or license to verify that it continues to protect both parties and that the extension terms are accurately described in the extension.

We represent both landlord and tenants in the agreement of and finalization of a commercial property lease or license extension. We understand that issues are likely to arise, and we will work to ensure these are addressed quickly and efficiently enabling the lease or license to continue on time and by the requirements of the parties.

We can act for landlords and tenants on all types of property and all types of use. When instructing Crown Law Solicitors, you will be provided with a dedicated handler who will represent you and you will have direct access to them as needed.

Our Fees & Making Contact

Where possible we will work to fixed fees, but where that is not possible, often due to complexities surrounding the property itself, we will provide a detailed quotation. So, you are fully aware of the charges you will be required to pay and any other relevant fees. It is important to us that you understand all legal fees and that they are fully transparent.

To obtain a quotation or to speak to one of our experienced Commercial Property Selling & Purchase Solicitors call us on 0208 175 6733 or email us or complete an online inquiry.